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People are the heart of your business.  

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Based on the North Shore of Massachusetts, 17 HANDS, LLC. provides Recruiting and Employee Relations support to businesses of all sizes, across the United States.   




We believe that finding an amazing new employee starts with a personal connection, human to human.  No recruiting bots.  No algorithms. 


We devote the time to getting to know every candidate we refer to our clients, going way beyond ‘good on paper’ to ensure that they are exactly what our clients are looking for.  People skills, adaptability, team chemistry, personal motivators, and communication style are just the tip of the iceberg.  


For business owners and hiring managers, finding new employees can feel like a Full Time job.  We’ve put 25+ years of specialized recruiting and hiring experience to work for you, to save you the time, money and frustration of hiring an employee, only to realize they just aren’t the right fit.   


As a boutique firm, we aren’t trying to fill positions to fulfill a quota.  We have ample time and attention to devote to each one of our searches.  By the time our candidates are sitting in front of you, we’re positive you’re going to love them just as much as we do.  

Whether you need to hire a full team for the launch of a new business, or have that one specialized position that has been really hard to fill…we’re here to make it happen.  

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"We were looking to fill a key sales position that was left unexpectedly vacant. 17 HANDS was tremendous at narrowing down the specific skill set we were searching for, personally screening all the applicants presenting us with highly qualified candidates to interview. We were able to hire a talented sales person within our budget AND replace our vacancy quickly to maintain quarterly sales projections.  17 HANDS is "hands down" an excellent recruiting firm that I recommend to any business professional looking to hire enthusiastic and qualified employees." 

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