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Well, hello.  

We're not your average Recruiting Agency & H.R. Firm.

We cut our teeth in the corporate world for 20+ years, traveling across the U.S. to recruit large teams and provide employee relations support for international retail brands. 


We're the 'fire-putter-outters', the 'career cultivators' and the 'devil is in the details' people.  We can spot great candidates and make them genuine believers faster than you can write that job posting.  


After many years of city dwelling, we made the big move out of Boston Proper and are proud to call the beautiful coastal city of Newburyport, Massachusetts our home.  

When 17 HANDS, LLC. was launched, some of our first clients were local business owners who knew they needed H.R. Support, but couldn't justify the cost of hiring a Full Time Recruiter or H.R. Manager.  While we are proud to still call many of those same local business owners our clients, our brand has grown to work with companies of all sizes and all industries, across the United States.  

Our passion for people management is the reason we started 17 HANDS, LLC.  We believe that all businesses deserve reliable, affordable and experienced Recruiting and Employee Relations Support...and pssst:  so do their employees.  

We're not a recruiting website algorithm that spits out resumes.  

We're not an awkward call with a 1-800-number H.R. support call-center.


We are real H.R. professionals who put people at the heart of everything we do.  And, do you know how we're different from the other guys? We've actually been in your shoes.  

Let's Talk. 

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