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We work independently, or in partnership with your existing H.R. Department to provide any of the following services:
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Performance Management 

Consistent accountability is crucial to driving results within your business.  Unsure of where to begin?  We’re here to help.  We assist our clients with performance management plans, corrective action, employee reviews, and employee coaching/counseling.

Employee Training

Need to get your entire team on the same page?  We can create custom training programs for your employees:  from Health and Safety standards to POS Training, 17 HANDS, LLC. can customize an interactive training that will have your team up to speed in no time.  

Employee Relations Support

So you have an H.R. Manager who processes payroll, fills out new hire paperwork and keeps track of employee files.  Who do you have on hand as a confidential resource for your employees to talk to about the things that really matter to them?


From interpersonal conflict to formal complaints of harassment, employees need a confidential, unbiased outlet.  17 HANDS, LLC. is that resource for our clients' employee teams, addressing employee concerns within the business head-on before they result in employee turnover, and/or potential liability issues for an employer.  

Team Building & Succession Planning

While you likely know by now that we're obsessed with recruiting, what you may not know is exactly how much we love building and developing teams.


We help our clients to map out their succession plan, hire for the future, and develop their team members to reach their maximum potential.  Nothing brings us more joy than seeing candidates  we've recruited for our clients continually develop and move up the ranks.  

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Custom Policy & Procedure Drafting
Employee Retention & Incentive Programs
Investigation Support

Do you have an employee handbook, but need a custom company policy?  We can assist you with drafting new company policies, or reviewing and amending existing policies, to make them relevant to your specific business needs, while remaining compliant with State and Federal guidelines.   

Now that you’ve found that perfect employee, how will you keep them happy and engaged?  Let’s talk about employee incentives , performance based reviews, and career development plans.  We love all of the above.  

Has one of your employees made a formal complaint against a co-worker or Supervisor in your business?  It is imperative that you adhere to EEOC investigation guidelines when addressing the matter with your team.  We can assist you in conducting an unbiased, thorough employee investigation in line with State and Federal guidelines, while also ensuring the investigation process is formally documented, in detail.  

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